Renewable Energy Development

Our team has been working in the renewable energy business since 2005 and has a strong understanding of the economic trends and current market conditions. The available infrastructure and land usage contribute to the selection of the site. Each project undergoes a thorough due diligence checklist in order to uncover obstacles that may stall or halt project completion. Our team works with landowners, commercial enterprises and independent systems operators to analyze and evaluate feasibility of utility scale wind and solar projects.

The renewable and energy storage industry has grown considerably over the past 25 years because of technological advances, tax credits and decreased costs. The goal of the tax credits is to create American jobs and a thriving renewable energy industry that manufactures, installs, and maintains the facilities.

Join us on the path to successfully developing projects

The following is a summary of some of the development activities necessary for renewable energy development.

  • Identify an area and acquire the site
  • Secure agreements with landowners
  • Confirm take away capacity for the power, analyze interconnection
  • Install meteorological towers (wind energy only)
  • Perform the critical issues analysis
  • Submit interconnection request
  • Apply for permits through local, state and federal agencies
  • Negotiate a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • Construction Phase
  • Connect to the grid
  • Start selling the power
  • Operate and maintain the project