Renewable Energy Development

State governments are beginning to require that utilities purchase an escalating percentage of their electricity from renewable sources. This requirement is called the Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS. A national requirement has also been proposed, and is being considered by federal legislators. As a result, developing renewable energy resources are more attractive through tax credits and other financial incentives. Jobs are being created to manufacture, install and maintain these facilities.


The ability to utilize wind energy for public power use is the future of domestic energy independence. Viable wind energy development projects require careful attention to land usage, distribution efficiency, and price/kilowatt hour. Our program identifies, secures and develops long term commercially viable utility scale wind farms.

  • Identify the site

  • Secure agreements with landowners

  • Install meteorological towers

  • Begin environmental studies

  • File for interconnection

  • Apply for permits through local, state and federal agencies

  • Begin construction

  • Interconnect

  • Sell the power

  • Clean up the site

  • Maintain the turbines


Solar energy is one of the most plentiful, viable renewable energy source in the world. As government mandates requiring a growing percentage of energy from renewable sources increase, Reserve Energy is becoming a leading regional developer of solar power generation projects. We work with landowners, commercial enterprises, and utilities to analyze and evaluate feasibility and specify equipment for installations ranging from smaller scale commercial projects to large scale, utility sized solar fields.