About Us

The founder of Reserve is Joseph Haas who got his start in the oil and gas industry in 1972 and through his leadership brought diversification of the business to both fossil fuels and renewables.

Reserve Energy Exploration Company is a privately held, family owned, diversified energy company with a focus on the development of oil, natural gas and renewable energy projects. Identifying productive resource areas, securing the right to develop the land and utilizing advanced methods to gather the resource distinguishes Reserve within the industry.

Reserve Energy has decades of experience and has assembled a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines that can successfully develop projects from inception to completion.

  • Reserve is a fully owned American company
  • Our focused team gives you a better chance of having a well drilled or renewable energy system installed.
  • We pride ourselves on great response time to questions and concerns
  • Reserve puts a high priority on restoring the land

Through professional organizations, participating in projects and other outlets Reserve has developed personal relationships with key executives with many of the top energy producers throughout the United States.

Industry Partnerships

Forging strategic partnerships to maximize the potential of project

Reserve Energy has enjoyed long term, productive relationships with industry leaders in the oil, gas, and renewable energy fields. We strive to partner with the best to ensure professionalism, profitability, fair treatment of landowners, and responsible management of the environment. The industry professionals we work with are experts in a variety of technical disciplines. Reserve Energy works with geologists, geophysicists, meteorologists, tax, legal, financial, and engineering specialists. The goal is to align ourselves with people who share our passion for developing domestic energy resources the right way – the responsible way.

Joint Venture Structure

Joint venture or operating agreements are creatively crafted to bring partners into a project. It is important to establish a pathway to success and clearly layout ownership interest, the goals of the group, and how they will be achieved.